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A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling

Grade4 Science

Food Chains Quiz 2 includes questions related to food chains in the environment. Click the Read More

Food Chains Quiz 1 includes questions related to food chains in the environment. Click the Read More

Seed Germination Quiz includes questions related to the growth of a seed into a young Read More

  What are micro-organisms? Micro-organisms are very tiny living things that can be seen only Read More

  In this lesson we are going to learn about the growth of a seed Read More

  All organisms need energy to live. Energy is obtained from food. Green plants are Read More

Matter can be any substance around us. There are 3 states of matter. They are Read More

  What is ‘Metamorphosis’? Life cycle of a butterfly consists of  four main stages. This Read More

There are mainly 6 stages in the Human Life Cycle.   Stage 1 Embryo in Read More

Noun           –       Reproduction Verb            –       Reproduce   Species      –       type Read More

  We can group sounds into four parts.   Loud sounds Soft sounds High sounds Read More

  Sounds that you can hear   You live in a world filled with sounds. Read More

  Oxygen is the gas in air which is used by all the human beings Read More

  What is the Atmosphere? The very thick layer of air which surrounds the Earth Read More

Gases in the Air   What is air? Air is a mixture of gases.   Read More

  How is a shadow made?  When an object blocks light, a shadow is made . Read More

  How does light travel? Light always travels in straight lines.   Seeing Objects   Read More

  In our environment we can see two main things around us. They are;   Read More

  What is an irreversible change? An irreversible change is a permanent change that cannot Read More

  What is a reversible change? A reversible change is a change that can be Read More

  Battery   What is a battery? A battery is a device that makes and Read More

  Producers   Who are producers? Producers are organisms that make their own food by Read More

Noun – photosynthesis Verb – photosynthesize   What is photosynthesis? Green plants make their own Read More

  How animals depend on other animals, plants and the environment?   Animal Food habits Read More