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environmental geography

Tick the correct answer box. What might directly occur…. when industrial fumes, smoke and tiny Read More

  What is a celestial body? Any object in space is called a celestial body. Read More

  How do the seasons occur on Earth? Seasons occur on Earth because Earth is Read More

  The Sun rises in the morning. It crosses the sky during the day and set at Read More

  When we are learning about the solar system we must know about the following Read More

  Stars   What is a star? A star is a big ball of hot, glowing (shining/ shimmering) gas.   Where Read More

  Rivers are flowing bodies of waters. There are rivers on every continent (except Antarctica). Read More

  Earth’s yearly orbit (path)   Changing Seasons occur because Earth travels around (orbits) the Read More

What is the greenhouse effect? You now know the Earth’s surface and atmosphere stay warm Read More

  We need to breathe clean air to stay alive. If we breathe dirty air, Read More

  All living things need water to live. Rain is very important for life because, Read More

  Tides   What are tides? The rise and fall of the level of the Read More

  We can describe the wind by talking about its strength or speed and the Read More

  What is wind? Air in the atmosphere is always moving. Moving air is called wind.   How do Read More

  What is a tornado?   Tornadoes are extremely powerful, swirling winds. It is a dark Read More

  What is a hurricane?   Hurricane is the name given to violent storms that originate (begin) over the Read More