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Subtraction Word Problems – Activity 2

Read the Subtraction Word problems and find the answers. The following rules will help you solve the Subtraction Word problems.

Word Problem Rules:


Ben has 6 sweets. Billy has 2 sweets fewer than Ben. How many sweets does Billy have?

- =

Natalie had 7 lollipops. She gave 2 lollipops to Brad. How many lollipops does she have now?

- =

Karen has 12 stamps. 5 of them are used and the rest is new. How many new stamps does she have?

- =

Jonathan has 10 picture postcards. 2 of them are big and the rest is small. How many small picture postcards does she have?

- =

Alvin bought 13 toffees. He ate 9 of them. How many toffees are left?

- =