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A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling

Subtraction Word Problems – Activity 1

Read the subtraction problems and find the answer.The following rules will help you solve the
subtraction word problems.

Word Problem Rules:


3 children walked home. 12 children went home by bus. How many more children went home by bus than walked home?

- =

11 girls had chocolate ice-cream. 9 girls had strawberry ice-cream. How many more girls had chocolate ice-cream than strawberry ice-cream?

- =

There are 12 buttons. 7 buttons are green and the rest is blue. How many blue buttons are there?

- =

Mrs. Bishops had 14 stickers. She gave 8 stickers to the children. How many stickers does she have now?

- =

Mr. Chan had 9 shirts. He threw 3 shirts away. How many shirts does he have now?

- =