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Subtraction Two Digit Numbers with Borrowing – Worksheet 14

Subtraction two Digit Numbers with regrouping or route for Borrowing. Online math help for Key Stage One. These worksheets plan to help kids exhibit how regrouping or Borrowing structure works unmistakably while subtracting. Children can use any contraption to work out these Two Digit Number Column Subtraction online worksheet.

[{"question":[{"tens":"9", "ones":"7"}, {"tens":"4", "ones":"8"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"8", "ones":"2"}, {"tens":"3", "ones":"6"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"7", "ones":"7"}, {"tens":"4", "ones":"8"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"6", "ones":"4"}, {"tens":"3", "ones":"7"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"5", "ones":"5"}, {"tens":"2", "ones":"6"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"4", "ones":"2"}, {"tens":"1", "ones":"4"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"3", "ones":"3"}, {"tens":"1", "ones":"7"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"5", "ones":"3"}, {"tens":"2", "ones":"8"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"6", "ones":"7"}, {"tens":"4", "ones":"9"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"7", "ones":"6"}, {"tens":"2", "ones":"7"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"8", "ones":"8"}, {"tens":"5", "ones":"9"}]}, {"question":[{"tens":"7", "ones":"5"}, {"tens":"4", "ones":"6"}]}]