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Ancient Egypt – Pharaohs


Pharaohs ruled Ancient Egypt


a)   Ramses II

b)   Thutmose III (tutmos)

c)   Amenophis III

d)   Amenhotep III

e)   Tutankhamen


Queens ruled Ancient Egypt


a)   Queen Tiye

b)   Queen Hatshepsut (hashepsut)

c)   Queen Cleopatra


a) Queen Tiye


Name one of the educated queens in Ancient Egypt.

Queen Tiye


Who was her?

She was one of Amenophis the third’s wives.


Where did she come from?

She came from Nubia which is south of Egypt.


How do archaeologists know that she was an educated queen?

Archaeologists have found a library of books on poetry, history, science and religion belonged to her.


b) Queen Hatshepsut


Who was Queen Hatshepsut?


1) Queen Hatshepsut’s father was a pharaoh and so was her husband.

2) When her husband died she made herself ruler.


What did she do during her reign (period in power)?


1) She ordered many fine temples to be built.

2) She ordered some huge obelisks to be built.

3) She sent some Egyptians on a trading expedition (journey) to a place called Punt.


What were obelisks?


1) Obelisks were stone pillars.

2) Obelisks were built by cutting granite.

3) Obelisks were 30 metres long and weighed 390 tons each.

4) Huge boats were built to carry obelisks down the river from the quarry.


Where were obelisks built?

At Karnak in Egypt


The trading expedition to Punt


What did Egyptians take with them for the expedition?

  1. Necklaces
  2. Daggers (A short knife with a pointed blade)


What did they bring back?

  1. Wood
  2. Ivory (White, smooth material of elephant’s tusks)
  3. Animal skins
  4. Incense trees


How do archaeologists know about this expedition?

The expedition is recorded in pictures on the walls of Queen Hatshepsut’s temple.


Where was Queen Hatshepsut’s temple built?

At Deir el-Bahri