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A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling

Multiplication Word Problems

Read the following multiplication word problems and find the answers. The below-mentioned rules will help you solve the multiplication word problems. Please use the lowercase ‘x’ as the operator of the multiplication.

Word Problem Rules:


Chris has 4 bags of mandarins. In each bag there are 8 mandarins. How many mandarins are there in all?


Julia has 3 bags of pears. In each bag there are 7 pears. How many pears are there altogether?


There are 5 boys. Each boy has 4 dinky cars. How many dinky cars are there in all?


There are 5 fish tanks with guppies in an aquarium. If there are 9 guppies in each fish tank, how many guppies are there altogether?


Andrew has 4 packets of chocolate fingers. Each packet has 7 chocolate fingers in it. How many chocolate fingers are there in all?