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Leisure activities and the weather

Division of leisure activities



Which leisure activities are not affected by the weather?

Indoor activities


Which leisure activities are affected by the weather?

Outdoor activities

E.g. – Seasonal activities such as summer sports, winter sports or wind sports



Indoor activities

Outdoor activities


Seasonal activities

Bowling Summer sports Winter sports Wind sports
Billiards Diving Skiing Wind surfing
Card games Swimming Snowboarding Sailing boats
Electronic and Video games Water polo Playing with a sledge Flying kites
Computer games Athletics Curling Gliding
Ice hokey Badminton Ice-hockey Kite-wing
Volley ball Baseball Ice skating  
Chess Cricket Biathlon  
Table tennis Cycling Bobsleigh  
Wrestling Rugby    
Boxing Football    
Carom Golf    
Gymnastic Tennis    
Ludo Beach volleyball    
Karate Motor racing    
Monopoly Horse-riding    


Beating the weather


Countries with unpredictable (changeable) weather, like in British Isles, need to beat the weather to do outdoor activities.


How have the people beaten the weather to do outdoor activities?


1)   Building indoor swimming pools

2)   Building indoor tennis courts

3)   Building indoor ice-skating rinks

4)   Building dry ski slopes for skiing or snowboarding etc.


Cardiff Millennium Stadium


Cardiff Millennium Stadium is one of the largest sports stadiums. It is the national stadium of Wales, located in the capital CardiffThis stadium has a roof that can be slid across in bad weather, or opened in fine weather. Cardiff Millennium Stadium holds many large scale events, such as rugby, football, rally, speedway, boxing and many music concerts. It is very expensive and difficult to build such indoor stadiums as well as the maintenance (to look after/ repairs) cost is very high. There are only a few large sports stadiums in the world since all the countries cannot afford to build such indoor stadiums.