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The K8 School History section is dedicated giving knowledge about the great civilisations existed in the world. Currently, we have lessons about Ancient Egypt.  Also, you will be able to read about more ancient civilisations through this section in near future. So, have fun learning history!


Ancient Egypt

Learn about Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt is one of the Great Ancient civilisations. They are world famous for amazing pyramids they built, and  also their astonishing creations.  Pharaohs were their divine rulers.  Also, they worshipped lots of gods. Furthermore, they had their own system of writing. They had a well-organised lifestyle. Hence, they became a great civilisation in the world. Study about all these things with our Ancient Egypt section.

  What was papyrus?   Papyrus was a plant grew well in the Nile delta Read More

  Why did Ancient Egyptians make tombs to look like houses?   Because they believed Read More

  Why did Ancient Egyptians believe the gods and goddesses?   They believed the gods Read More

  Name three leisure activities done in Ancient Egypt.   1)   Hunting 2)   Playing Senet Read More

Life of Ancient Egyptian Children   a) Playing   1) Children stayed with mothers until Read More

  What were the two groups of people who built pyramids, temples and tombs in Read More

  What are ‘pyramids’?   Pyramids are massive stone structures that have amazed people from Read More

  What were the three seasons for farming in Ancient Egypt? Summer Cultivation Harvest   Read More

  Pharaohs ruled Ancient Egypt   a)   Ramses II b)   Thutmose III (tutmos) c)   Amenophis Read More