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Food Chains Quiz 1

Food Chains Quiz 1 includes questions related to food chains in the environment. Click the lesson ‘Food Chains‘ to Learn more about it. Now choose the correct answer for each question in the Food Chains Quiz 1.

{"Questions":[ {"qnumber":"1", "mcqdes":"Who get their energy directly from the sunlight?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"herbivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"omnivores, food store, roots", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"plants", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"carnivores, seed coat, roots", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"2", "mcqdes":"Who else can capture direct energy from sunlight?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"primary consumers", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"secondary consumers", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"tertiary consumers", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"none of the above", "ANS":"yes"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"3", "mcqdes":"Why do plants directly capture sun's energy?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"to make their own food", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"to live long", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"to grow well", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"to breathe well", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"4", "mcqdes":"What is the main source of energy in a food chain?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"green plants", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"animals", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"the Sun", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"green plants and the Sun", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"5", "mcqdes":"Who are the main producers of a food chain?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"the Sun", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"animals", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"green plants and the Sun", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"green plants", "ANS":"yes"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"6", "mcqdes":"Who can directly depend on plants?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"herbivores and omnivores", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"herbivores and carnivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"omnivores and carnivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"all of the above", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"7", "mcqdes":"Who can be a primary consumer of a food chain?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"a herbivore or a carnivore", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"a herbivore or an omnivore", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"an omnivore or a carnivore", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"none of the above", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"8", "mcqdes":"Who do indirectly depend on plants?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"omnivores or carnivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"omnivores or top predators", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"carnivores or top predators", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"all of the above", "ANS":"yes"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"9", "mcqdes":"Who cannot be a secondary consumer of a food chain?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"carnivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"herbivores", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"omnivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"none of the above", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""}, {"qnumber":"10", "mcqdes":"Who are tertiary consumers of a food chain?", "options":[ {"MCQOPT":"carnivores and top predators", "ANS":"yes"}, {"MCQOPT":"carnivores and omnivores", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"omnivores and top predators", "ANS":"no"}, {"MCQOPT":"all of the above", "ANS":"no"}], "img":""} ]}