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Year 5 Chemistry Lessons

Enjoy our Year 5 Chemistry Lessons with a selection of lessons touching the areas of matter, atoms, elements, chemical reactions, biochemistry etc. Currently, we’re working on more lessons, which you can enjoy very soon.

  What is the name given for burning in science? Combustion   What are the Read More

  What is an irreversible change? An irreversible change is a permanent change that cannot Read More

  What is a reversible change? A reversible change is a change that can be Read More

  How much of a solute dissolves in a solvent? How much of a solute Read More

  How is a solution made? When a substance dissolves in a liquid a solution Read More

  Sieving We can separate mixtures of solid particles of different sizes by sieving. E.g.- Read More

Written By : admin February 2, 2013