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Year 4 Biology Lessons – Animals

The k8 School Year 4 Biology Lessons – Animals section, provides lessons on the needs of animals, the way in which they need plants and other non-living things to survive and how the environment can impact on their survival.

  What are micro-organisms? Micro-organisms are very tiny living things that can be seen only Read More

  All organisms need energy to live. Energy is obtained from food. Green plants are Read More

  What is ‘Metamorphosis’? Life cycle of a butterfly consists of  four main stages. This Read More

There are mainly 6 stages in the Human Life Cycle.   Stage 1 Embryo in Read More

Noun           –       Reproduction Verb            –       Reproduce   Species      –       type Read More

  Producers   Who are producers? Producers are organisms that make their own food by Read More

Written By : admin November 28, 2012