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Year 3 Chemistry Lessons

Walk around the splendid world of chemistry with Our Year 3 Chemistry Lessons. We’re expecting to include more lessons touching the areas of matter, atoms, elements, chemical reactions, biochemistry etc. very soon.

  In this lesson you will learn about insoluble and soluble materials.   How can we Read More

  Minerals   Just like vitamins, minerals help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy. Read More

  Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that are found in foods we eat. Vitamins and Read More

  Another name for protein is ‘Body building food’.   Food containing Proteins   Plant Read More

  If you eat more food your body stores the extra food as fat. Likewise your Read More

  Most foods contain carbohydrates. Another name for carbohydrates is ‘Energy giving food’. Our body breaks down Read More

Written By : admin May 4, 2013