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Year 3 Science

Year 3 Science section of The K8 School has a collection of science lessons and activities designed to suit the taste of our year 3 science lovers. Currently we’re working on more lessons and activities covering the major areas of science which are biology (studying about plants and animals), chemistry (studying about materials and chemical processes) and physics (studying about physical processes) that you will surely enjoy very soon.

Year 3 Biology Lessons – Animals

In this section of Year 3 Biology Lessons - Animals, students focus on the needs of animals, the way in which they need plants and other non-living things to survive and how the environment can impact on their survival.

Year 3 Chemistry Lessons

Walk around the splendid world of chemistry with Our Year 3 Chemistry Lessons. We’re expecting to include more lessons touching the areas of matter, atoms, elements, chemical reactions, biochemistry etc. very soon.

Year 3 Physics Lessons

Our Year 3 Physics Lessons teach the basics of physics to your child. Through this section you will be able to enjoy lessons which are coming up on energy and forces, electricity, motion, waves, sound and light etc. very soon.

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