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Year 3 Maths

Our Year 3 Maths section consists of many math lessons and activities consistent with the Year 3 math lessons featuring Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Counting Numbers, Number Patterns, Ordering Numbers and so on.

Year 3 Addition

In this section we have Year 3 Addition activities with a number of addition practice exercises. Children can enjoy the exercises by finding the missing sums or addends. Let your child gain his or her mental math knowledge by continuing these horizontal addition practice activities.

Year 3 Multiplication

Here we have Year 3 Multiplication activities with 2-digit by 1-digit  and 2-digit by 2-digit number multiplication. Practise these activities and be thorough in your multiplication work. Enjoy our Year 3 Multiplication activities!

Year 3 Number Patterns

Children have fun with our Year 3 Number Patterns activities designed to find the missing numbers which go in line with different number sequences. Kids will get the practice in various number patterns with our Year 3 Number Patterns activities.

Year 3 Ordering Numbers

Our Year 3 Ordering Numbers activities are created to develop the child's skills in ordering numbers. By practising our Year 3 Ordering Numbers activities children will get the hang of placing numbers in ascending or descending order.

Year 3 Rounding Numbers

Here you will find our selection of Rounding Numbers activities designed to help your child learn to round numbers to the nearest 10 by The K8 School. Teach your child how to round up or down with our Year 3 Rounding Numbers activities.

Year 3 Subtraction

In this section Children will be able to learn about the regrouping or the borrowing method of subtraction with the assistance of our online math help. Practice regrouping of 2-digit and 3-digit subtraction with our Year 3 Subtraction activities.

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