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Y3 Geography

This overview of Year 3 Geography section provides lessons and activities along with a bunch of information about Human Geography, which is also known as Cultural Geography, Environmental Geography and Physical Geography (also known as Earth Science).

Year 3 Physical Geography

Through this section you can enjoy activities on Physical Geography that cover the topics relating to the surface of the earth, for example, the landforms, rivers, climate, oceans, earth-sun interaction, hazards, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes etc. in near future.

Y3 Environmental Geography Lessons

Environmental Geography is the branch of geography that describes the interactions between humans and the natural world. You can learn about how the people change their environment and how the environment changes them with Year 3 Environmental Geography section.

Y3 Human Geography Lessons

Human Geography or Cultural Geography, covers a broad area of human interactions. Under Human Geography you can enjoy lessons about urban, transportation and economic geography, which will come through this Y3 Geography lessons section very soon.

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