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A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling

Year 1

Our Year 1 section has a list of maths and English skills for year 1. Find these skills in Year 1 Numeracy and Literacy skills sections. Hence, all Topics cover the basics in both subjects. So, have fun while gaining knowledge!

Year 1 Numeracy Activities

Our Year 1 Numeracy Activities hold interactive math activities presenting the essential topics in Year 1 math curriculum, for instance, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mixed Operations, Number Patterns, Ordering Numbers, Counting Numbers and many more.

Year 1 Numeracy Lessons

Our Year 1 Numeracy Lessons contain math help lessons for year 1, teaching the concepts and methods of different mathematical calculations which can also be used in doing The K8 School Year 1 Numeracy Activities.

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