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Ancient Egypt – Building a pyramid


What are ‘pyramids’?


Pyramids are massive stone structures that have amazed people from ancient time to the present day.


Who built pyramids in the world?


  1. Ancient Egyptians
  2. Ancient Maya people of Mexico and Central America
  3. Ancient people in the Middle-East


What are the biggest pyramids in the world?


Egyptian pyramids are the biggest pyramids in the world.


Egyptian pyramids


Who ordered to build Egyptian pyramids?


Pharaohs ordered to build Egyptian pyramids


Why were Egyptian pyramids built?


1) Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death.

2) So pharaohs ordered to build pyramids to keep their dead bodies and belongings.

3) Therefore these pyramids were tombs of ancient Egyptian kings and queens.


When were Egyptian pyramids built?


They were built about 4500 years ago and it took many years to build just one pyramid.


Where were Egyptian pyramids built?


1) They were built on the west bank of the Nile.

2) These pyramids are called the ‘pyramids of Giza’.

3) This area where pyramids were built is called the ‘valley of the dead’.


What are the three major pyramids at Giza?


  1. The pyramid of Cheops (The Great Pyramid)
  2. The pyramid of Chephren
  3. The pyramid of Mykerinos


What is the largest and most famous pyramid?


The Great Pyramid or the pyramid of Cheops is the largest and most famous pyramid.


Who ordered to build The Great Pyramid?


1) The Pharaoh Khufu ordered to build The Great Pyramid.

2) It is about 147 metres high. That’s 50 stories high!

3) It took 20 years to build The Great Pyramid.


What is ‘The Great Sphinx’? (‘sfingks’)


1) The Great Sphinx is a kind of a statue stands in front of all the pyramids in Giza.

2) It has the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh.


How were pyramids built?


1) Building a pyramid was a massive job.

2) Thousands of laborers had to work for years to build a pyramid.

3) They cut millions of huge stone blocks.

4) The ancient Egyptians did not have cranes or pulleys to help them lift these huge stones.

4) All their buildings were made using ramps, ropes, wooden rollers, levers and muscle power.


How did ancient Egyptians manage to lift huge pieces of stones to the right height?


1) For this they used ramps (An inclined or slanted surface connecting two levels).

2) First they made sloping paths.

3) Then they dragged blocks of stone along them on sledges.


What were the metals used to make ancient Egyptian tools?


  1. Bronze
  2. Copper