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A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling

Addition Word Problems – Activity 1

Read the addition word problems and find the answers.The following rules will help you solve the addition word problems.

Word Problem Rules:


7 girls came to Tilly's birthday party. 8 boys came too. How many children came to the party in all?

+ =

Dad took 8 pictures. Mum took 5 pictures. How many pictures did they take altogether?

+ =

Jane bought 7 purple party hats and 4 pink party hats. How many party hats did she buy in all?

+ =

7 girls had strawberry cupcakes. 9 girls had chocolate cupcakes. How many cupcakes did they have altogether?

+ =

Zen blew up 3 green balloons and 10 red balloons. How many balloons did he blow up in all?

+ =