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A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling


In our Kindergarten section, we have activities in Maths and English. These help to improve kids' numeracy and literacy skills in early childhood. Therefore, this sections is ideal for kids aged 4 to 5+.

Kindergarten Numeracy Skills
Kindergarten Literacy Skills

Year 1

Our Year 1 section has a list of maths and English skills for year 1. Find these skills in Year 1 Numeracy and Literacy skills sections. Hence, all Topics cover the basics in both subjects. So, have fun while gaining knowledge!

Year 1 Numeracy Skills
Year 1 Literacy Skills

Year 2

This section caters the kids in Year 2. The topics cover the basic elementary maths and English curriculum  that match child’s skills and grade level. So, as a result, children can learn with great fun.

Year 2 Numeracy Skills
Year 2 Literacy Skills

Year 3

The Year 3 section of The K8 School has lessons and activities in Maths, English, Science and Geography. Visit our History page to learn about Ancient Egypt. Also more lessons on some great civilisations are to come.

Year 4

The K8 School, Year 4 section comes with Maths, English, Science and Geography lessons and activities. Learn about Ancient Egypt through our History page, and also lessons on some more great civilisations will come soon.

Year 5

Year 5 section, by The K8 School consist of Maths, English, Science and Geography lessons and activities. We provide knowledge especially, that goes in line with the major topics in year 5. Browse through the section to find out more!